Saturday, March 15, 2008

First blog schwag?

Maybe not.. But I got these in the mail along with a sticker.. I've either gone completely batty, or I didn't order these. Maybe we bump up the sesame street alert level one notch.

I make no agreement to postivily review free stuff sent to me..

On the other hand, I looked these up before. 53x11 seems like a good match for a guy that drinks coffee daily and happens to bike ride, even "race" on occasion. Look for an upcoming review..

If you are reading this and responsible for sending it.. Thanks.
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Triteacher said...

I am reading but can't take credit BUT do know that my swim coach who is a Kona triathlete guy goes to a bike camp run by the founder of that coffee. It's in Arizona.

There, now you have more information at least!