Friday, March 21, 2008


Winter Weather advisory 8"-15"... More snow if it's thundering. (what?) As long as it's gone by the time the antibiotics actually work, we'll call it even.

The scale showed a new low number last night. It's could be broken. It could be I am vindicated. I decided last night (for the second time) I will stick to one ice cream night per week. At this point, I'm calling the number rounding error. It is a good sign though. We party at the first 1xx number.

Oatmeal and espresso for breakfast, day 6 begins.


Triteacher said...

OK then! Let's hear it for day 6!

Let's NOT hear it for all this snow. I'm back and have the bike ready to go again... but looking at all this, I'm thinking I shoulda prepped my skis!

Hope the antibiotics are doing the trick.

John said...
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