Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Science or Spiritual Lesson

The science of it all revolves around 32 degrees F., or zero C. The temperature at which water freezes. As it turns out, water and ice can both exist at 32 degrees. There is more there, like how many calories it takes to change from ice to water and vice versa, but that's not important for today's lesson.

"Let the righteous be righteous still. Listen to the words long written down."
- J. Cash

Complaint: 1/3 of the sidewalks I ran on yesterday were icy due to not being shoveled for weeks. After my blog entry noting such complaint the following ensued.

Mother nature came to my rescue. The outdoor temps rose over 32F. Much of the snow melted and turned to water. Most, if not all of the sidewalks with big problems lost their ice. Much of it turning to water.

Mother nature has a sense of humor. I run late pretty often.. By 9:00 P.M. the temps dropped to right around 32F. It was just cold enough to freeze a thin layer of that water on nearly 75% of the sidewalks I ran on. Further still I note, 32F is warm enough that not all the water melted. What was not ice was a nice deep, kaplooshing, freezing puddle.

That'll teach me. I dig the snow. I'm not so keen on the ice, but it comes with the territory. It's mid-March. I humbly request spring to start. (Yes, I already realize this probably means torrential rains and 42F).

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Triteacher said...

The mother giveth and the mother taketh away. And yes, always with a smile to accompany that wicked sense of humor.