Monday, March 17, 2008

Here We Are Again

If I don't keep trying, I won't get there.

Thanks to:

  1. a pile of free pizza at work.
  2. A conversation with a coworker who's been through the diet change.
  3. On my way home listening to this podcast. (Zen and the Art of Triathlon - "Sugar!")
  4. Others who report success and happiness.
  5. Late season start on Racine, and the desire to do well.
  6. The belief that maybe my sinus/cold dealio won't go away until I slow down on the pile of sugar I ingest per day.
  7. In spite of the fact that I "don't look fat", I want to keep my heart healthy and see my kids grow up.
Oatmeal for breakfast held me well until lunch.. Good homemade vegetable style soup (with chicken) for dinner.. Portion sizes all the way.. This brings me to the tough part. 8:00pm to bed time. I think I'll do some core then read myself to sleep.

Thank you for your support.


Triteacher said...

Yep, the PM munchies get me too. Grr. Keep it real.

tosacrosser said...

"This brings me to the tough part. 8:00pm to bed time."

Yup, that's the killer time all right. Good luck is all I can say.